Brisbane Art Prize Winner



Brisbane Art Prize


“This is my Grandfather”

(Electron  Microscope, Particle of Ashes)

 Pigment Liner on Paper


TRYP Hotel experience Lianna Evans, Ruby Purple


“Being in the creative industries means you are constantly scrutinising your own work and its value to yourself and your audience. Winning the Brisbane Art Prize has significantly changed my life through showing my practice as valued and cementing my confidence as an artist.  Winning the 2015 Brisbane Art Prize has allowed me to give a year of concentrated time to my practice allowing me to extend my conceptual themes and create a larger body of work. Financially it means the ability to afford materials, studio space and also show in the future without financial pressures. Being a part of the Brisbane Art Prize was a humbling experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to show along side some very talented artists who I now consider friends. This prize is a must for any artist emerging or established.”



                     Life Art Worldwide Expo 2015